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who we are

TDI/SDI - The Scuba Diving Innovators!

SDI was the first dive training agency to introduce online learning, the first to teach using dive computers, and the first to introduce rebreather training.
TDI/SDI is run by divers, for divers! Why would you settle for second best?

At Calgary Scuba, we are interested in your safety, comfort, and peace of mind. Your training is conducted by our Professional Scuba Educators in a full size pool, where you learn the basic skills before they accompany you to the lake or ocean to safely practice the skills you have mastered. Call us and start today!

Visit us on the TransCanada at 602B 16 Ave NW in Calgary for Scuba Diving Certification, Advanced Diver Training, or Snorkeling and WaterSports needs.

Our Philosophies

  • Class starts with the Instructor

    The Staff of Calgary Scuba are some of the most highly educated in the industry. Our Instructors have been qualified by a minimum of two International Dive Training Agencies to teach you about Scuba Diving.

    Stop by for a visit and see what we are all about.
  • Performance based Training

    We guarantee your success with performance based, not time based training. Should you require additional time and training to master the skills, we provide it.

    Scuba is unlike anything you have ever done before.

    Our pool training is done in the full size pool at SAIT.

  • Commitment to WRSTC Standards

    The World Recreational Scuba Training Council (WRSTC) was founded in 1999, and is dedicated to creating minimum recreational dive training standards for scuba diving certification agencies around the world.

    Our Staff are committed to uphold these Standards.

  • Do what you love, Dive...
    do it often

    The very first question we ask our Staff is why do you want to teach Scuba Diving. The common answer is we truly enjoy our sport, and love the look on a students' face when they take their first breath underwater.

    We are here to ensure you have an amazing experience.

Our team

John Harcus

John attributes his love for diving to a book received as a gift by his Father in the early 70's, The Silent World, by Jacques Cousteau. Since his first dive in 1980, the love affair has grown. John is our SDI Course Director, as well as a TDI and PADI Instructor. Come see us for all your Scuba needs.

Nathan Maier

Bio coming soon.

Daryl Draper

Daryl has been diving for 23 years and has been an SDI instructor for three years, having completed his crossover with us in 2016. Daryl enjoys seeing new divers complete their certification and now able to enjoy the incredible world of diving. Absolutely most favourite place to dive… water.

Dive Professional

Insert your name here.

Call us for your next greatest Adventure.

Become an SDI Instrutor with Calgary Scuba!

Scott Bruce

After a 26 year absence, Scott got back into diving in 2008 with renewed passion, became a PADI MSDT in 2015 then completed a crossover to SDI in 2016. Scott has dove the prairie provinces, as well as on Canada's West Coast, Australia, Bali, the Bahamas, Bonaire, Coco's Island, Hawaii, Honduras and the Maldives.

Marianne Pucheu

Marianne came to us last year by way of the C CMAS (the training agency) that is. "When I dive, I reach a state of serenity. I am mesmerized by the beauty and tranquillity of the life below the surface. I enjoy diving even more when my dive buddies feel the same way."

Gilles Pucheu

Originally from the mountaineering rescue world, Gilles started diving 35 years ago, then 7 years later, the ocean experience let Gilles discover the "Monde du Silence" that he truly understood what Jacques Cousteau meant. Today, Gilles's passion is training divers with CMAS and SDI to be comfortable in the amazing underwater world.

A. Hamilton #9800

We are not sure where Andrew came from.

Don't bother trying to find him on facebook.

We do know he was born awesome, is still awesome, and doesn't like people, so he probably won't like you. Don't worry, he will teach you ITT, Advanced Nitrox and Deco Procedures anyway. Just don't talk ... or smile.

New Team Member

Don't wait to be part of the team ...

Call us to move forward with your own personal diving growth, with Calgary Scuba and TDI/SDI!

Jon Chesnut

After 15 years of diving Jon took the tec leap in 2014. Now an avid technical diver, he is an SDI instructor with Calgary Scuba and working towards becoming one of our TDI technical instructors. Jon's favourite dives are deep shipwrecks in the 45-75M range. Join him on a wreck trip to visit the Red Sea, Truk Lagoon, Bikini Atoll, Scapa Flow, or even the cold water wrecks near Nanaimo!

Darren Williams

Technical Instructor Extraordinaire

Bio coming soon

Ari Segal

As an accomplished Photographer in Toronto, Ari moved to Montreal to attend the Design Arts Programme at Concordia University.

With his first Scuba Discovery in Cuba in 2013, the experience not only opened his eyes, but also the shutter of his camera.

As an SDI Divemaster, he now arranges and captures light underwater, one frame at a time.

Adam Diemar

Adam began diving in Sydney Australia in 1984, then worked as a commercial diver in both the civil and defense industries from 1987 to 2013. Adam developed a deep love for diving the World War II wrecks and has dove extensively around

Australia, Asia and the South Pacific.

Three weeks after arriving in Canada, he was back in the water discovering the world of dry suits, frog kicking and cold water.

Ian McLeod

After 20 years, Ian “Eno” McLeod decided he loved the sport so much he attained his professional rating with SDI. Having dove in Hawaii, Grand Cayman, Jamaica and Mexico, he still enjoys his cold, low visibility dives in local waters.

“Warm water diving builds memories; cold water diving builds character.” Specializing in dry suit diving, Ian is finicky about buoyancy and an excellent resource for recreational divers.

This spot for you?

We are looking for strong, independant dive professionals. If you would like to join our dynamic team, please feel free to drop us a line, or stop by the store for a visit.


Sean Pendrak

I stopped in here last week and I must say some of the best customer service ever. I was just looking for some basic snorkel gear and the lady that helped me was extremely informative and I never once felt any pressure to buy anything. Highly recommended!

Kimberley Andrews

John created a rescue diver class just for me, and worked it into a very busy and tight schedule. This all came about because John took the time to ask a few extra questions when I came into his shop about my needs, next thing you know I am getting my course completed. Shirley and John set me up with with all the required diving equipment which was high quality and well maintained. Very positive experience with this store.

Don Topper

I checked out this dive shop when preparing for a trip to the red sea. I worked with John. It was an excellent experience. He was able to service our regs and explain gear options. We needed some things at the last min and he worked hard to get us what we needed. I will go back to this shop again without hesitation.